Kagame re-elected to lead ruling party


Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has been re-elected as the Chairman of the ruling party, the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) to serve for four years. Mr Kagame was re-elected by a majority of party enthusiasts in an RPF general assembly that attracted over 2,000 party members. The assembly convened on Saturday in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city.

At the party convention where other party leaders were also invited, Mr Kagame garnered an overwhelming support of over 90 per cent. Mr Abdul Kharim Harelimana the only nominee who challenged the Rwandan president managed to collect less than two per cent of the total cast votes. Mr Harelimana is a Member of Parliament with the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA).

Officials who attended the party’s convention told The Nation that, other party heads where invited simply because the RPF governs in a coalition with other parties. Mr. Christophe Bazivamo, a cabinet Minister was elected the Vice Chairman of the party a post he has held since 2002. Mr François Ngarambe was also elected as the party’s Secretary General. Both candidates stood unopposed.

The party congress also elected a 12-member team of Commissioners who will each be in charge of different commissions within RPF structures. The New Times, Rwanda’s only English daily newspaper quoted Mr Kagame as saying, that the RPF has had made Rwandans regain their value and reputation and that the country was emerging on the world stage for its good acts, unlike in the past.

“It is now that we, Rwandans, have the value we deserve, we design our own solutions that are seen and appreciated by everyone. You go to China, Europe, US, Australia, Rwanda is known.”
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  1. There is a huge gaping hole in this arngmeut. How can Rwanda and Uganda be the pillagers of DRC’s wealth and the cause of DRC rot when British, American, German, my country Canada’s mining companies are as we speak siphoning billions of dollars worth of minerals? Is Rwanda and Uganda also stealing the billions of dollars of taxes that these mining companies have paying to the nonexistent DRC government?Did you know that in your own UK parliament, MP Jeremy Corbyn argued that the biggest contributor to conflict in DRC is big mineral companies that don’t pay taxes? He also asked for scrutiny of British mining companies in DRC e28093 very active in South Kivu. These companies are reaping colossal, ill-gotten profits and watching quietly in delight while everyone but them are getting bashed for DRC’s unending woes. Come on Dowden step out of the box. If you dare.

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