Using ‘religion’ to explain the crisis in Nigerian society

PLEASE IF YOU ARE NOT USED TO HANDLING “INCONVENIENT EMPIRICAL TRUTHS” DO NOT READ BEYOND HERE FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR EMOTIONAL COMFORT By Professor Samuel Zalanga I lament your situation. In the past fifty years, Nigerians have built millions of churches and mosques . They have trained thousands more imams and pastors. They have […]

Nigeria’s Amina Mohammed resumes work as the UN Deputy Secretary-General

. Underscored Sustainable Development Goals as critical for better future for all Following her appointment on December 2016, Ms Amina Mohammed resumes work as the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General. While delivering her first address as the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed emphasized that Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are cruciall for a safe and secure […]

UN Health Agency to Provide Support as Drought threatens 1.5 million Somalis

The United Nations Health Agency has recently reported that, less than half of the people in Somalia have access to basic health services, announcing that it is scaling up its response in the country amid a severe drought and worsening food crisis. “Somalia is now at a critical point as a result of this drought […]

Zuckerberg engages local talent in Nigeria, hunts for new techpreneurs

By Aanuolowa Omotosho and Oluwatobi Ebenezer CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria to enage local talent and hunt for the nest global techpreneuers as the Internet giant explores new frontiers to push its business and sustain web dominance. Africa’s tech revolution is in its nascent state and Zuckerberg is in “Nigeria to listen […]

Microsoft comes on board as the Main Event Partner of the Innovation Africa Summit 2016

PRESS RELEASE “Top Global IT and Innovation Companies converge in Nairobi for this year’s Innovation Africa Summit” NAIROBI, Kenya–AfricanBrains announced today that Microsoft, the worldwide leader in technology and software development, is the Main Event Partner for this year’s Innovation Africa Summit 2016 to be held on the 20th – 22nd September. As the Main […]

President Buhari needs to reach out to the South-South and South-East

By Paul Okolo It’s no secret that President Muhammadu Buhari’s victory in last year’s election didn’t go down well with the South-South and South-East zones. The people of these parts of the country massively voted for ex-President Goodluck Jonathan who eventually lost the ballot. Almost a year into the new administration, the people of the […]

Buhari’s foreign trips: My takeaway

By Babatunde Raji Fashola   In making this public intervention, I seek to highlight the benefit of global relationships and cooperation in a world that is changing daily as a result of globalisation and transborder economics, social and even criminal activities where no one is safe, except all are safe, and to leave the dispassionate […]

Kaduna Anti-Preaching Law: A Regulatory Misstep

By Sam Amadi   The proposed Kaduna State law on religion is generating huge controversy. This is to be expected. Any law that tries to regulate the exercise of religion in a society with a deep religious consciousness, like Nigeria, is bound to generate strong disputation. This is more so in an environment of distrust, […]

In his own words on ‘Kaffirs’

Did Gandhi spread racial hatred of Africans? Gandhi was passionately prejudiced towards black Africans, as clearly displayed by his own writings over his 21-year stint in Gandhi’s writings during his 20 years in South Africa. He promoted racial hatred, in theory, and campaigned for racial segregation, in practice. In his newspaper, The Indian Opinion, he frequently […]

Is it constitutionally possible to abolish the Nigerian Senate?

By Inibehe Effiong This piece is precipitated by a private message I received from a friend on Facebook on Wednesday April 20, 2016 seeking to ascertain whether it is possible to abolish the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.   Without hesitation, I responded pointedly to the requisition by stating that it is practically […]